Children are a gift

As my friend, and fellow Superkids volunteer, Erin Martin says  "going through 12 different time zones and crossing the international dateline can really mess with your system".  I am having difficulty focusing on anything but the Children we met in China.  The fact we are at home with our families and they are not.  We all feel a great urgency that they should have the same joy we have, a home and a family.  The Superkids team spent so much time with these children.  We were able to do Medical and Developmental assessments.   The team was able to get to know them and take literally, thousands of pictures to document their journey. It is amazing how quickly we formed a bond with the kiddos.  They are in our hearts until they are adopted.  We hope every child will find that forever family.  We saw children from three months of age up to 14 years old.  These children had minimal medical issues up to life threatening issues.  They are all beautiful unique and, oh by the way, not at all defined by any medical or developmental need they may have.  They are not "the child with birth marks" or "the child with Spina Bifida", they are the cute 2 year old who likes to play with the bubbles or the four year old who likes to yell when he is happy.

So here are some cuties.  Come on over and meet these children who are just waiting to be your kiddos.

                             " I don't know what this is, but it looks fun to play with"

                                                       "wow, I might like that."

                                                      look at who I made laugh! 

                                                             I like to be tickled

                                                                  IPads are universal

                                                               These kiddos Rock!!!!