Such Sweet Faces!

Ok, so I missed the Memo about National Downs Syndrome Day on this blog.   I don't know how that happened but yesterday was the day.  Downs Syndrome is called Trisomy 21.  Indicating an extra chromosome in the 21st pair so 3/21.  Do you get it?  Well I missed everything even the idea that once you know the name its impossible to forget.  More about what has been occupying my mind later but i wanted to share some sweet faces of children who have Downs syndrome.  They are not alt all defined by their special need, they are playful, happy, curious, sad,  energetic, happy , sweet, inquisitive, oh and did I say HAPPY!

Seriously these children bring so much Joy to their lives and they are living in orphanage.  Imagine how they would blossom as you son or daughter.  Now that is not minimizing the need at all.  Adopting a child with Downs syndrome is HARD!  But there is so much Joy in these children.  They are special and can change your life.

Now aren't these some sweet faces.

For more information about these beautiful  children please contact