The End is Just the Beginning

The completion of Operation Oh Suzannah.   Thanks to the village we all belong to a chance dream happened.  the history goes as follows.  A Mom advocated for her sons friend.  Asked me  about this child. I asked the orphanage.  This sweetie we now cal Suzanna had a very specific special need that I was very familiar with. This led to the file of one child from this orphanage being prepared.  It was not Suzanna's file. At least not yet. Thanks to a wonderful advocate from CHI, Sharon, a great family donated their child's slightly used wheelchair just for this girl.  Suzannah was in a chair that did not fit her so this is a big blessing. Thank you Sharon, Thank you to the family.  You both rock!

Next,  How to get the wheelchair to China.  Enter another part of the village, a traveling family.  They volunteered to transport the wheelchair.  This is not an easy thing to do.  I have done it through multiple cities.  Again, Sharon found the family to take the chair.   I love this community.  Thank you again Sharon and thank you Amy and family.

Well Operation Oh Suzanna was completed today.  The wheelchair made it to the orphanage.  Yeah!!! Suzannah was under the weather and was visited in the orphanage hospital wing by the traveling family.  Here are the pictures.  We love this beauty's smile.

Now what did we mean by the end is just the beginning?  Well now we need a family to step forward.  This girl needs a home where a few broken bones will not mater.  Where her body and her spirit can blossom. We as a community can help this to happen.  Share with friends.  Pass along this story.  Lets see what we can do.  Lets find this girl a family who will love her forever.