Shanghai is the place we feel mos comfortable.  Its the first place we went to and we always start here, except this trip.  This trip we started in Hunan. It was a little unsettling and a little disorganizing.  We did this due to schedules.  We started with such a long flight delay that caused us to get into Hunan at around three am.

It is always good to be back in Shanghai.  We see familiar faces and new faces.  This year one of our favorite head caregivers retired.  Lilly was not at SCH.  It seems lonely without her.  Glad we took a picture together last trip.  Hope she is well.

To see so many of the kiddos here when we return is a sad thing.  I wanted to share with you something they set up for the older kids. There is now a little store where employees can buy an ice cream or a bit of candy, or a cookie.  The older kiddos man the store.  Those over 14.  here they learn how to deal with money and calculate change and work with a customer.  Hopefully this prepares them for life in the world.  We bought all these things.  Lollipops for the kiddos at Shanghai, Erin and Mark took some things home for their kiddos.  We so enjoyed the experience.  We think its so good for these kiddos to practice these skills in a supported environment.

Life is changing friends.  We see as things improve and tomorrow there is always a new day to do better and make more changes.  We love the changes and hope for more with each new day.