Another Victory!!!!

We are ever so happy to be seeing more files come in.  At the same,  We are seeing more and more cuties come home.  The files mean we have more and more kiddos  who have crossed the hurdle of getting a file prepared.  We all advocate for every child to have a file.  If they do not have a file there is no chance they can be listed.  Those files are the first victory.  It means they have a chance.  We want every child to at least have that chance.  A chance at a family, a future and being loved forever by a Mom and a Dad.  There is a magical transformation that takes place once this happens.  Children go from being alone and waiting to part of a loving family.  This takes place in steps.

Step one-  every child needs to have a file.  There is much foot tapping and asking and begging on our part here.  Not through any deliberate intention on anyone's part.  There are just too many children and not enough staff.  When we keep asking for a particular child it brings attention to that child and when the file gets prepared it gives each precious kiddo the chance they are waiting for.

Step two-  finding the right forever family.  Outreach from the Superkids team, advocacy and assistance from a whole group of adoption advocates makes this happen. We are so excited when these children are matched.  We ring a bell and shout from the roof tops.  There is great rejoicing for each and every special kiddo who find their forever family.   

Step three-  These wonderful beautiful precious kiddos come home.  You can see the difference in their faces and in their eyes.  The have the love of a mama and baba, a family.   Some of these kiddos tell everyone on their adoption trips in Chinese,  "  I have a Mama and a Baba now!"  Another victory!

So here are some great before and afters!  Little victories add up to this wonderful magical transformation that takes place.  The transformation of a waiting child to being a son or daughter!