Next week is a very important week for Superkids.  We are having a large event in NYC and honoring Martha Osborne founder and creator of Rainbow kids.  In many ways,  Martha has inspired us all and led us along the road of advocacy.  Martha gives direction and purpose to what we do.  She keeps us moving forward and working for these children.  Rainbow Kids also provides the structure for our children to reach a larger number of families.  She has helped thousands of families find their children.  It makes us so excited to work with her as she is such an inspiration.  She truly has changed the face of adoption. 

What is also special for next week is the entire Superkids team is coming in to meet and spend time with Martha.  So we will all be together again.  WE are jumping for joy over this.  We all be together on this side of the world where we are not sleep deprived and exhausted. Where coffee and diet coke are not are first thoughts.  Where we are able to be together and just talk.  So think of all of us.  We wish every Superkids family could be with us.  We wish you all were here.

 Stand by for more excitement as we have several things planned for next month which is National Adoption Month.  Here comes November!!!!!