The past year has been a whirlwind for us at Superkids.  We were impacted on the east coast by Hurricane Sandy and at this time last year we were all thinking about recovery.  We got past that difficult time and moved forward to the largest Superkids trip ever.  We saw many, many children, provided therapeutic suggestions, played with and brought some fun into the lives of waiting children.  We visited seven orphanages in three provinces and were able to do in-depth assessments on 130 children.  That is a lot in less than two weeks.  Today is a day of thankfulness. 

-Today we think about every waiting child not only in China, but worldwide.  We are thankful for their persence in the world.  We are hoping each child will find that forever family to love them.

-We are thankful for the time we were able to spend with each child.  If we spent an hour or played with them in a group it was a chance to connect and reach out and let them know they are special.  And they are. Each and every one is unique and amazing.

-  We are thankful for adoptive parents.   They take an amazing leap of faith adopting a child with a histor different from their own.  Adopting domestically or internationally, you all rock!

-  Superkids is thankful for our amazing team this summer.  For the selfless work and dedication of Erin Martin.  She is a great amazing addition to our team and a wonderful advocate for the children.  Not to mention all the fabulous pictures she took.  For Chelsea Guffy, who supported the team and carried so much stuff throughout China.   She has turned into an amazing advocate.  She also took so many pics!  For the amazing work, flexibility and dedication of  Dr. Darla Wrage.  She added so much to our team and assesments.  She so increased the depth and amount we were able to do.  Lastly we are thankful for Gongzhan Wu, for getting us place to place, providing access to orphanages and supporting the team in country.He is the glue that makes everything possible.

-  We are grateful for every child that has found a forever family through our efforts.  This is an amazing gift to assist in their journey.  


-  We are grateful for the spirit of giving back that many adoptive parents are fostering in their children.  They have helped in Superkids projects this year and remind us how important it is to pass this on to our children, the next generation.  We are all helping build a better world for the future. 

-  We are thankful for others who are committed to adoption, like Martha Osborne, Rainbow Kids, Jenny Bowen, Half the Sky, Amy Eldridge, Love without Boundaries.   You all rock and the world is better for all you do.   

Lastly, thank you all for supporting Superkids, by reading the blog, sharing our posts, helping your children give back, donating and just your words of support.

We have a lot to be thankful for.

If you want any more informations about the waiting children we met  or Superkids, reach out to me at