This Boy is a Cutie Pie

We met Wei Wei this summer on our Superkids trip.  He is cuter than cute.  His smile lit up the room.  We all fell instantly in love with him.  He is such a tiny boy and there he was holding two balls then a third.  Then one would drop and off he would go trying to catch it.  Giggling all the way.  Every time he dropped a ball someone would try to retrieve it for him.  He made all of us giggle too.

This little bug is doing well for two years old. He is saying simple words and stacking the cups up by size.  He can squat, stand and walk by himself.  All this is very good for a two year old living in an orphanage.  Wei Wei's special need is anal agnesis and spina bifida occulta.  He had surgery for the anal agnesis and did not require treatment for the Spina bifida.  This type of spina bifida can be without related issues and sometimes no symptoms. According to the orphanage there is some level of control of bowel that would be age appropriate.

So, Wei Wei's biggest need is a forever family.  Whoever brings him home will be so lucky to have this smiley boy in their life.  Could he be your son?

Remember, Boys rock!

Here are some cute pics of other Boys who Rock.  We love them all!