Urgent Advocacy for a Sweet Boy

This boy's story was brought to me by a Mom who adopted a child with Albanism.  I met her son in China and I continue to follow how they are doing.  You will see two great stories later in the week from Mom's of Children with Albanism.  We are doing a series over on the Asia Waiting Child blog on this special need. Click here to see more.  This boys story touched my heart and he has only a short time to be adopted.  He will age out in June.

Holden is a sweet 13 year old boy who desires a family. He belongs to that special group of children who are self-advocaters.  He is standing up and saying I matter.  "Would someone love me, Please?"  How can we do nothing when this boy is asking and needs our help.  This boy greets families at the orphanage gate when they come to adopt other children.  Younger children!  When if ever will his turn come?  His file was only made available in December but he needs someone to step forward soon or Holden can never be adopted. In China you must be adopted before your 14th birthday. His special need is Albanism.  

Here is some information about Holden.  He is described by his caregivers as cheerful and optimistic.  They say" he knows how to help others".  He often helps care for the other children.  Holden has been met many adoptive families that are willing to speak about Holden.

If you want more information reach out to me at patriciamarcuspt@gmail.com and I will help you get the file or contacts for information.  Each child has a story to be written.  Holden is doing his best to change his story,  we must step forward and help him.  As an adoption community, it is our moment to step up and make a difference for this beautiful boy.  If you cannot adopt Holden please share about him on facebook, on your blogs and to everyone you know.  Everyone can do something! Wouldn't it be wonderful for this boy to have a forever family!