A Picture is Worth an Hour of my Time

Hello again! Two posts in two days – look at me!

Actually, I’m taking the easy way out of this one and letting photos take the place of a narrative. After a long day of work and messy transportation (a bus personnel strike compounded by new road closures – yuck!), I’m feeling too lazy to write even a bit creatively. I will caption instead.

 Post horrendous commute, the day started off with a bang as the Chiquitines volunteers hosted a fiesta in honor of the kids with August birthdays.

 What’s a party without a little ice cream??

 And balloons!

 More balloon fun.
 A glimpse into the mini photo shoot that followed the fiesta. What a novelty a camera is in a swarming group of sugar-crazed children!

 Block towers start off another Fine Motor Wednesday!

 As promised, this Fine Motor Wednesday also brought a some special sensory activities for a couple of little ones with aversions to certain textures and types of play.

  I’m not sure that this kid knew exactly what to think about the shaving cream

 Two little bitty babies came back from hospital stays yesterday, so I spent some of my afternoon working on positioning. They’re all over the place in their cribs (and this guy almost always has his head turned to the right), so I’ll provide pictures of proper positioning over their cribs for their caregivers to follow
 Much better! Hands midline, head neutral and boundaries all around so he knows where his body ends and where the outside world starts

 He’s just a ‘lil guy!

Postscript: After the computer ate my photos three times, this post took me much longer than an hour to complete…Abby