Change Part 3

For instance, my most recent project has been developing a care plan for a two-year-old little girl who has severe brain damage from meningitis. After talking to the auxiliaries about her daily cares and their time commitments, I learned that they realize she spends too much time on her back, but they don’t know how to position her differently. I also learned that my best shot at increasing this little one’s quality of life is in finding a volunteer to dedicate herself to her therapy and bring others on board as well. Since then, I have been overwhelmed with the support and interest of staff in the well-being of this little girl. Last week at their request, I sat down with the doctor and head nurse to discuss my thoughts on her functioning and what could be done to give her the opportunity to progress. I was also able to spend a morning working with Libia, resident super volunteer, taking pictures for positioning and stretching programs she and the auxiliaries will implement. It has truly been wonderful to see everyone come together to make this little girl’s life better, and I think it is a very concrete example of what can happen when everyone is on the same page working together for a shared purpose.

Libia trying her hand at some of the new stretches
High tech positioners (burp rag, anyone?) to keep her thumb in a better position and prevent contractures
If this much good can transpire in one week, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next.

To top it all off, this little guy, who received new braces from Keely and turned two last week, walked solo for the first time today! Life is good.