Phase Two

Keely left Cali yesterday after a week of teaching, loving and exploring.  In her absence, I feel like a different phase of work has begun here in Colombia.

One of things that Keely is really good at (there are umpteen million more) is seeing the big picture of things and focusing on sustainable change. While she was here, she really opened my eyes to the kind of change I want to make. For the past month, I have been working one-on-one with a dozen or so little ones at Chiquitines. While I have seen improvements, both big and small, in their motor skills, social interaction and independence, I know that rate of change will most likely come to a startling halt when I leave. Unless I do something about it…

Yes, it is great to work with the kids and see their development kick start with lots of love and hands-on therapy. Yes, I think they need all the attention they can get because I’m only here for two months. But…

I’m only here for two months.

I’m only here for three more weeks.

What happens when I leave?

How can I make Chiquitines a better place to nurture love and growth not only now but AFTER I’m gone?

Answer: I spend as much time doing caregiver training and education as possible, try to make small, feasible structural changes and hope/pray like crazy that as a result, I leave this place at least a smidgeon better than I found it.

So… here is to Phase Two. To making the change last.