Asia Waiting Child Webinar

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  I have heard this saying for years.  I wake up every morning and try to remember this.  No matter what has come before, what will come ahead we have today.  To act for positive change, to be a force in the universe.  Jane Goodall said ". Every individual matters.  Every individual has a role to play.  Every individual makes a difference."

I find this true in every aspect of life.  I have to say in advocating for waiting children I am so in awe of how many adoptive families make such a great difference in our world.   They change the life of a child. There is nothing larger than this.  They are changing the future of the world by providing a brighter future for this child.  I am truly privileged to be some small part of this process.  To help them get started, to check on their child while they wait.  To help with physical concerns when I am at the orphanage.  Lastly and most importantly to advocate for these children.

I would like to ask all adoptive parents to step out of their comfort zone, go above and beyond again and help me advocate for the next group of waiting children.  When Gongzhan and I were in China in June, we visited three orphanages in the JiangXi province. We saw almost 30 children in these orphanages.  We have just started to receive profiles and translations for these children.  April Udihuri and I will be conducting a special webinair for these children to help find forever families so they too can have a bright future.   The webinair will be on September 20 at 7 pm east coast time. Read more about the webinair and other upcoming events on Gladney's Asia waiting child blog.   If you are considering adoption or know someone who is, please forward the link to your friends as well.  Let's all commit to making positive change in the world beginning with these children.