Batman in Spanish

Last night, I went to the movies with Angelica’s sister, Hadiji, to see the new Batman movie (El Caballero de la Noche Asciende).

It. Was. Awesome.

In addition to a good plot line and amazing special effects, the theatre was also incredible. Tickets were the equivalent of $3 USD, concessions options included slushies, caramel corn, and hot dogs with every kind of topping imaginable (Super Dog, anyone?), and you reserve your specific seats when you buy your tickets. The theatre is in a mall a mile or so from my apartment that has four levels and is larger than most malls I’ve visited in the U.S. For that price and environment, I think I’ll be back. It was really nice spending a Friday night out and about for the first time in a month too.
The movie was dubbed in Spanish, which I prefer to subtitles, and I was surprised I understood almost all of it. I did miss the whole “Robin” line (I had to ask afterward why everyone gasped at that moment) and there were one or two other smaller things I couldn’t quite understand. However, overall I basically forgot I was watching a movie in Spanish!

I did miss Christian Bale’s deep dark Batman voice though… That one wasn’t quite the same with a Spanish accent.