Before I was so involved in adoption, the stories of so many boys waiting for adoption in China baffled me.  How could that be?  China adoption is mostly waiting child adoption.  It is mostly children with special needs waiting for families.  The phenomena I do not understand is why the girls are picked first and the boys linger on the shared list, never picked or continue to wait.  That is so amazing to me.  We are so intent on making life fair and equal, I just do not understand how this can be.  It just seems so unfair that being a boy should be a special need.  So today's post is dedicated to all the amazing boys the Superkids team met in China.  Heck, its dedicated to all the boys who wait for a forever family to love them.  
I can tell you so much with just a gesture.

I'd love to play catch with you!

 I love lollipops!

 I can tell you so much with just my eyes.

Waiting for a hug!

 I love playing with water from the faucet!

Soccer anyone?

So if you are considering adoption, consider some of these great boys who wait.  We want every child to have a forever family to love them.  Boys, Girls, serious needs, minor issues, needs a forever family.