You know how when you hold a baby in your arms, they feel warm and heavy.  They just rest snugly against you.  I have been thinking about all the babies we held. how they rested comfortably in our arms.  The moments we had with older kids.  They laughed, we laughed and we were connected in that moment.  This was repeated, orphanage after orphanage and province after province.  It was an amazing experience.   That special connection fills us with wonder and breaks our hearts all at the same time.  Now that children are beginning to be matched and find their families, we rejoice and our hearts sing.

I have spent the weekend with these kids.  Putting many profiles up on Rainbow Kids.  It was like spending the weekend with these children all over again.  I remembered the special moments with each child.  So visit Rainbow Kids to see more about these kiddos.  Here are some beautiful pictures of our time with these kiddos.