This and That

What does this and that mean?  Well, its odds and ends.  How is everything with our Superkids going?  This has been our focus the past 2 weeks.  We all pause at least daily and think of the children waiting for homes.  Our connection to them is strong.  We see their profiles as they come in bunches from China.  I dream about them.  Dream of each and every one finding their forever families. We look for profiles coming, who's next.   We are questioning, looking, and once again visiting with the kids through their pictures.  It is so important to give prospective adoptive parents every little scrap of info we can. We take copious notes when we are in China.  We want to remember every scrap of information.  Erin and I will ofter call each other and share a special story about a waiting child, like remember when... Or do you remember his sweet smile.  Or that was the child who liked the stuffed doggie toy.  We rejoice when every child finds a family.

So in general we are connecting the dots,  pulling info together for families.   So in general this and that is pretty important this and that!  Here are some pictures of some of our kiddos who still wait.  Could they be your son or daughter?