Great News!!

There is good news and great news.  The good news is that China Paperwork on the kiddos we saw is starting to roll in.  The great news is that some of them are starting to find their families.  I cry every time a child is matched and the Superkids team trades phone calls.  I call Erin, we email Darla and Chelsea.  Then we let Gongzhan know.  There is a flurry of excitement.  Happy exchanges. So for today, here is the good news.

       I have found my Family 
This beautiful girl who asked Chelsea and Erin and Darla and Gongzhan and me for a forever family, has one.  Bells and whistles, horns blaring.  Yes, this beautiful girl who we called Penny has a committed family working to bring her home.  Her picture will be up on the bulletin board at the orphanage next year. We are so happy for you, Penny.   

Still, even though Penny has a forever family, many kiddos do not.  So continue to follow our stories.  Reach out, spread the word and Advocate, Advocate Advocate for all children who need families