Matching Thursday

I know, it's Friday but I wanted to tell you a little about our Thursday meetings.  Thursday is an amazing day. The Asia Program staff meets to discuss, our children, our families, questions we have gotten over the week and Gongzhan gives us updates from China when needed.  So for families and children, your names cross our lips every week.  We think of every one of you and every child who will come to us and every child we met.  So Yesterday was a great day!  We had a special guest, April(former waiting child case worker) who came by with her new baby! April is on maternity leave and will return part time in the new year.

So Yesterday was a great day in more than one way.  We reviewed some matches that have just been sent to China.  I also remembered I did not highlight some of our matched children.  They are ALL so special to us. So look for upcoming blogs that focus on this.  I want to share the joy for these special these children and their families.  

So for now, Matching rocks!  Family's rock!  Our wonderful kiddo's rock!

I leave you with some pictures of amazing children who are in our hearts.

Keep up the positive energy everyone!  One of these beautiful children has found their family.  I'll let you know who next week.