A Heartfelt Thanks!

Today Erin Martin shares with us a very special story!!!  One of her special friends,Kelly, also has a special place in my heart.  You see she sent a special birthday cake to a beautiful baby we saw last year waiting in China. This is baby is not even hers.  She has a full house but she wanted this sweetie to know she was loved and cared about.  So not only is she a special friend to Erin, but to me as well.  Thank you!! for all you do!  all of us and the children who wait are so thankful. You Both ROCK!!!! 

I have a very special friend whom I've never met in person.  We message back and forth all of the time.  We have spoken on the phone a few times.  Almost always our conversations center around children who are waiting for families. (Except for when we share photos of our own adorable babes, of course!)  When one of our Superkids kiddos family finds them, I message her as soon as I can.   And we rejoice together with many exclamation points and capital letters.  She is that kind of friend.

As we have been talking about preparing for the Superkids 2014 trip to China, my friend said they want to donate some bottles for babies born with cleft palates.  I was thrilled!  Last year we saw so many babies with cleft palates and we would always ask if the orphanage had special bottles for them.  Always the answer was no.  These babies have a hard time getting sufficient nutrition without these special bottles.  I was hoping to have enough bottles to give a few to each orphanage.

Imagine my surprise when 108 bottles arrived on my doorstep yesterday!  One hundred eight!!  My eyes fill with tears just thinking of all of the tiny little bellies that will be full and satisfied thanks to this very generous gift.  Each orphanage will be able to receive numerous bottles, benefitting so many little ones!

I do not know the full story, but I do know that part of the reason they were able to send so many bottles is because of a very generous gift that was given to them.  So, friends of my friends, I do not know you, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Eli and Kelly, thank you for recognizing the need and doing something about it!  We, the Superkids team, thank you.  We are honored to be the couriers of this amazing gift of love! 

This is just another beautiful example of many people working together to make a difference.  We can all do something!