Trip preparations.

This time is filled with so many tasks and so much excitement.  We are preparing to go to China and it feels like we will need a moving van to get there.  There are cleft bottles, photo supplies and printer, Toys, developmental screening tools, bubbles, hair bows and baseball caps, a walker, all things electronic,computers, video cams just to name a few.  The list is endless.  We all have nightmares of what we will forget.  How full will our suitcases be?  Will we be over the domestic weight limit?  I think by the time I pack all the supplies there will be no room for clothes.

At the same time on the other side of the world there are beautiful children we can help.  We can screen them and make suggestions to their nannies.  We can carry back their information and say to the rest of the world, "we are here and we matter".  At the same time on this side of the world we are advocating for a new bunch of children whose files are in.  Some we have met and some we have not.  Each and every one special, beautiful and perfect in who they are.  We know their names which makes them hard to ignore.  We have met many and held many of them.  They are so much more than a name or a special need.  They are our kiddos until we pass each and every one of them on to you.  Till they become your sons and daughters. These children are so special and we just all want to love them till you can.

We will be delivering loads of hugs from waiting parents to waiting children.  At times we may get to deliver a hug back to those parents. Sometimes something special happens.  We find a child that really opens their heart a bit wider than usual like a beautiful amazing girl who when I asked her what she wanted to tell her waiting parents, she said "Mother, Father, I love you already".  There was not a dry eye in the room. It just shows how
 that all these children are there just waiting for your love.  Special need great or small they are amazing individuals waiting to be part of a family and blossom.  

Here are some of the beautiful waiting children who are ready for Moms and Dads.

For more information about  any of the beautiful waiting children   please contact