The Split Pants Dilema

This week on the AWC blog we posted about a little guy we call Andrew.  This guy was special we met him last year on our Superkids trip.  Erin and I had a good laugh about him.  He is a joyous little bug and made us all smile.  He recited a poem and sung a song and we just loved him.

This is one of our funny stories.  Part of the Split pants dilemma.  Many times when I am screening a child, I will be very focused as I look at the child's spine or move a joint and say,  "Girl or Boy?".  I have gotten some strange reactions to this.  Quizzical looks and asides from the orphanages, that I now take to mean what is up with this one. You see, it is common outside of orphanages in China to dress the children in Split pants.  SO when I am asking boy or girl, the evidence is right in front of me if I just look.  But I don't look.  Generally I don't look.  Since its so different from what we do, it never occurs to me.  

Enter Mr.  Andrew who is a happy playful boy.  he was clearly performing for us.  He turned a somersault, He was all over jumping, running and happily playing.  He loved Chelsea and seeing her blow bubbles.  He would chase them and giggle.  Well we have pictures, lots of pictures of this boy.  Until we got home and really worked on the pictures we did not know.  Yes, Andrew was wearing Split pants.  Imagine how that looks as you turn a somersault?  This has caused Erin a bunch of editing trouble. 

So this year, we will all be on guard and very attentive to Split pants.