A Changed Heart Can Change Lives {Family Story Friday}

This week's family story was written by adoptive mom and Superkids volunteer Dr. Darla Wrage.

My adoption journey is a journey of the heart.  I was a busy working mom of three little kids. All of a sudden, a seed was planted…adoption.  I was introduced to adoption by a pharmaceutical rep (of all people?!).  She had returned from China with little girl.  I learned that China had a one child policy, which left many girls in orphanages.  My heart changed.

Although I was ready to move forward, my husband was not.  A ten year wait ensued, but during that time our hearts were changing.  Adoption from China was changing. Most adoptions were “special needs” kids.  The healthy baby girls were few.  As we looked at the stage in life we were in, we knew that an older child would fit in best.  With a medical background, I was able to sort through the medical needs and what that would look like in our family.  We welcomed a six year old girl with nephrotic syndrome into our hearts in May 2011.  My heart changed.

While we were in China, we were connected with a family adopting a 13 year old daughter.  We heard the plight of orphans aging out of the system at age 14. The future for those kids is dismal. Their “special need” was “older child.”  My heart changed.

Then a new special need came to my attention…. “boy.”  People are taken aback when they hear that a boy is being adopted from China.  People are aware of the one child policy and the early implications of that.   They are surprised that the orphanages are filled with boys and that boys are harder to place.  My heart changed.

A school picture of a boy with no smile… our hearts changed.  Going through the listed “multiple medical needs,” I systematically checked them all off as resolved.  His special need ultimately was “older boy.” He jumped into our life in January 2014. My heart changed.

There are millions of kids… all unique… that have no family.  Their “special need” is a family to call their own.  I pray for changing hearts that will fulfill that need.