The Team !!!!!

We are gearing up for our event in NYC.  So today I am reflecting today on How amazing our Superkids team is!! 

Dr.  Darla is so so great. She really understands Adoption and waiting children.  She is a pleasure to travel with and just loves all our kiddos. 

Erin takes great, great photos.  We are so so grateful for her skill and dedication with a camera.  Erin is so so much more for the team. She really is devoted to advocacy on this side of the ocean as well.  

Chelsea is just amazing and her heart for waiting children is big Big Big. She also is able to get so many policy and procedure questions discussed all through out our Superkids trip.

 Hannah is new to the team and has a great heart for waiting children.  She gives so much love and comfort to all the kiddos we meet.  very often a child will sit on her lap for hours. 

Mark is our support for the team and made our mirror project work.  He loved the kiddos and very cutely taught many of them to say Texas. 

Lastly we are grateful for our team leader Gongzhan.  We know all Superkids trips are due to his hard work and connection.  
Superkids rocks as a team but most of all we rock with the kiddos.  We are so happy to spend time with them and feel so joyous for every one that finds their forever family.