Well, we made it!

In what seemed like running a marathon, the Superkids gala Friday night went off without a hitch!  the tables were beautiful and the program were lovely.  The room looked so so beautiful,  but what was  so great was our adoption village came out.  All our friends who could showed up to honor Martha Osborne.  They came to show their support for the children. We told stories and talked about some amazing Superkids who have found their forever families and those who are still waiting.

Martha Osborne, Gongzhan, and Pat

A very special moment was when we were able to present our sweet Eliana who is home with her forever family.  There will be more pictures but here is my favorite of the event.  You saw her pics on Friday here on the blog and here she is today. How special was it to share this time with her!!!!

Look at what Love can do!!! We held her in our arms in China and now here she is a beautiful loved daughter with amazing brothers and a sweet sister!!!!