The Beginning of...

In  2006 I was working with a sweet little girl adopted from China.  She was a sweetheart and stole my heart instantly.  Her mom was a sweet serious and had a heart for children in orphanages.  She asked me one day if I would help her with a project to help children in the orphanage her daughter was from.  Of course I said yes!!! I thought we would have a bake sale, rise some money and give it to this orphanage.  I had always been impressed with how well this kiddo was doing,  I wanted to help any way I could.  Well,  No bake sale.  Less than one year later we traveled to China on our first Superkids trip. 

Our goal in 2007 was to bring developmental training to orphanages.  This one orphanages that had been our little sweeties orphanage grew quickly into many orphanages, in other provinces and into the partnership program it is today.  the program has changed somewhat to do everything we can to provide  for waiting children's greatest need,  a forever family.  All of this growth and expansion are due to Gongzhan Wu and the amazing partnership program he has created.

Gongzhan is the Superkids team leader and we are so so lucky to be his team.  In China when we say his name,  all the officials sit up straighter and listen more closely.  We are welcomed with open arms and he makes all of this possible. China knows and trusts this wonderful man, as do we.  So Superkids exists because of Gongzhan, his amazing connections and all his knowledge and wisdom.  He is a mentor, adviser and  role model for every member of the Superkids team.

The most important thing I try every day to emulate is his belief that we should do everything we can to help a child, an orphanage and/or, the very next person we meet.  He refers to it differently, calling this, do the favor you can.  Superkids is so blessed to work with Gongzhan.  He is in the corner of every waiting child.

So without GZ and a wonderful adoptive mom,  there would not be a Superkids program.  We carry this program on for waiting children, telling their stories and connecting them with waiting families,   arranging medical care, training nannies and rehab staff.  

Or as Gongzhan would say,  "What can we do for this child?"