Galen is a 9 year old boy with charming dimples! He is described as a quiet, shy child who works hard and pays close attention in school. He is in 3rd grade in a full-day primary school.  He can recite the multiplication tables and is learning double digit multiplication.

Galen has postoperative CHD. He seems to be a healthy little boy.

He is in foster care and enjoys helping with chores around the house such as cleaning the floor and putting the bowls and chopsticks in order. He does not like strong flavored foods such as garlic (don't you just love these cute little details!?) And he also prefers lean meat.

Another little detail I like is that he likes to use his imagination to draw trees and houses. I would like to see one of those drawings, wouldn't you? The Superkids team plans to meet Galen when we are in China in two weeks. Maybe I can get him to draw for me then! We should be able to get updated information and more pictures at that point. Wouldn't it be great if he was matched with a family by then?

Galen sounds like such a great little boy! Could he be your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Galen.