Calling All Advocates

We have a young man who needs us. He ages out in three months. This means that he will no longer be eligible for adoption and will forever lose the chance to be part of a family. In three short months.

So, what can YOU do?

There have been several posts written about him. Share one or all of them. If you have blog, share on your blog. Share his story on Facebook and Twitter. Any other place you can think of to share his story? Go right ahead!

The posts about him are here, and here, and here.

We are at the point right now that if someone steps forward to adopt him the entire adoption could still be completed before his birthday, but that time is running out.

I've personally met Andy twice and I'm so hoping to tell him that he has a family coming to meet him when I see him again in April!

Do what you can for this deserving boy today!

For information about adopting Andy please contact April  Uduhiri at