Tessa is a timid and shy four year old girl who has a close bond with her nanny. She gets jealous when her nanny holds other children.  

Tessa's file indicates that she has Down Syndrome as well as a cleft lip and palate. On examination by a pediatric physical therapist, the diagnosis of Down Syndrome was questioned. So Tessa needs a family who is open to some unknowns.

She understands what is said to her and responds to questions. She can say "nana". Tessa likes to look pretty and wear pretty clothes. It is noted that she "will immediately smile happily" when you tell her how pretty she looks.

This darling little girl needs a family to love her and tell her how perfect and beautiful she is! Could you be her family?

This sweetie has a very sizable grant of over $10,000 through Reese's Rainbow.

For more information about Tessa please contact April at april.uduhiri@gladney.org.