Sometimes Sad Things Happen...

Sometimes things do not work out like we want them to. We were all so excited that Andy had a family, but hard things happen, and they cannot move forward with his adoption due to personal circumstances.

So Andy is waiting again! There are 75 days left to get to him before he is no longer eligible for adoption. Andy needs a family to step forward now!

Because we are so concerned about him, Gladney is willing to transfer his file to another agency if someone is already in process with another agency or want to add him to an adoption.

Someone please step forward and bring this wonderful, deserving boy home! He deserves a family!

To read more about him please see this post.

To learn more about adopting him please contact April Uduhiri at

And please, please share his information. Andy's chance to have a family is running out! I can't stand the thought of going to China and seeing him again without being able to tell him that he has a family coming for him!