How Can We Help?

Update: All of the items on our lists have been generously donated or purchased with donated funds!!! A huge thank you to everyone. If you would like to be involved in supporting this trip there is a DONATE button on the right sidebar. Or contact Erin Martin at for more ideas. Again, thank you to each of you for your support!

So many of you have asked how you can be involved in our upcoming trip that I thought I would post this here. The list of items we are collecting for this trip is at the end, but I thought some of you might find the other information interesting as well

Who We Are
Superkids is a humanitarian aid initiative within the Asia Waiting Child Program of the Gladney Center for Adoption. Our goal: to improve the lives of children in Chinese orphanages via adoption advocacy, medical and rehabilitation services. Starting as a tiny team providing services to special needs children in a single facility in Shanghai in 2007, we've grown to a broad coalition of physicians, early childhood development specialists, teachers and volunteers who've aided 500 children in orphanages across China.

You Say You Want to Help?
As many of you know we have just announced dates for our Spring 2015 Superkids Trip:  April 11-25, 3015! We have already received many kind offers to donate needed items.

Seeking Support in Partnerships
There are so many ways to contribute to Superkids. This past November, we were overwhelmed when friends and families helped us raise over $80,000 in net proceeds for the continued growth of the Superkids program. The thrust of this fundraiser focused on expanding our reach in China. To put it simply, we want to send more volunteers to more orphanages more times a year.

This April 2015 trip is an exciting step in that process. The cost of a Superkids trip is approximately $20,000. We will be using part of the money we raised to pay for the travel expenses of seasoned team members as well as in-country accommodations. In order to keep our overhead low, first time volunteers pay for their travel. The goal is financial responsibility and overall longevity of the program. 

Monetary donations literally help get the trip off the ground (airfare can add up!) but there are many other ways to participate in our mission. Superkids is a collaborative process and we want partners—partners in giving, advocating, hoping, and praying. We want partners in loving these precious children. So we’ve talked to some of our overseas partners in Shanghai, Changsha, Jiangxi, and Hunan and we’ve compiled a list of ways that you can help contribute in a tangible way to the trip this April.

How Have People Helped in the Past?
Families, church groups, Boy Scout troops, and organizations like Families with Children from China have come up with wonderfully creative ways to partner with us and spread joy through gift giving. Just a few examples include finger puppets, hair bows, mirrors, and baseball caps.

Your Hearts are Bigger than Our Suitcases
A typical Superkids trip requires a lot of travel. It’s a planes, trains, and automobiles experience and heavy luggage can really slow us down, so please keep this in mind when you donate. Think small, compact, and light weight. And above all, please coordinate with our staff before you donate. You can contact Erin Martin at to coordinate your giving.  Below is an illustrative list of some helpful items.  The caregiving items will be delivered to Butterfly Home in Hunan.

I'm removing items as people notify me that they are sending them to keep the list updated. Some of the other items are partially filled too! Thank you all so much!!