14 more days ‘til I leave for China

Wow!  Gongzhan said, pack 80 profile sheets.  Each sheet is 4 pages.  Wonder how much that will weigh?  I will also be transporting the Waiting Child quilt to the CCCWA.  The quilt is roughly 60x90.  Then, we need developmental toys, the wishes for orphans tied to lollipops, crayons and a few blocks.  I think with taking all these things, I can pack one change of clothes and that's it!

 I have been reading old blogs getting ready to see what I had documented about the number of trips I have made to Asia.  I was going to stop counting, but that seems almost wrong.  This is my ninth trip to China, and the tenth trip for Superkids.  I missed one trip.  As I look back at what we have accomplished, I can't count how many kiddos I have held and how many older kids I have spent time with, how many caregivers I have worked with or how many wonderful people we have met on these trips.

In 2007, on the first Superkids trip to Shanghai Children's Home, the babies did not crawl.  Now, by using very simple developmental activities, we see children able to crawl and reach milestones in development more easily.  Often times, we do simple things that make such a difference!  Ultimately, it means the kids are doing better with motor activities.  Sometimes, it is the littlest thing you do that makes the greatest impact.  It may be just a moment of connection that makes a difference for a child.

Lastly, a quote that describes what has changed since Superkids began, "Things do not happen, things are made to happen." -  John F. Kennedy

- Pat Marcus