Importance of Connection

The Superkids team has been discussing the projects for our upcoming China trip.  We have also been talking about what more we can do for waiting children, what more can we bring, what will make a difference.  In addition to developmental screenings, we have the opportunity to spend some quality time with the children.  We bring touch and comfort, and try to hold as many children as we can.  This holding and hugging is so important.

Children connect through touch.  At the New York premiere of the documentary "Stuck", Craig Juntunen, the producer, spoke about this.  He said “the universal language of orphanages is children running up to you with arms raised, wanting to be picked up and held”.  Each little child we hold is a wonder, a little person wanting a connection.

These are the quiet moments, when the rooms are busy, but we don't hear anything else that is going on.  Our little bit of time with that one child, a moment to hold them and play with them.  Sometimes we blow bubbles, sometimes it is a game of peek a boo or just a cuddle.  We all can't wait to be in China, holding the kiddos.

18 days and counting!