And then there were three

Yesterday was a quiet day.  We were tired but did a little  shopping,  We came back to .the Hotel and worked on the profiles of waiting children.  I think we were all a little quiet because on Saturday, Dr Darla Wrage returned to the states.  We will miss her.  She has provided invaluable help on this trip.  Our assessments were improved  by her expertise.  In a matter of one week she became our friend and one of the four musketeers.  She survived hot rooms, loads of children, Squatty potties and glass walled bathrooms with us.  We miss you Darla.

So Chelsea, Erin and I are in ChangSha, in the Hunan province. Again we are supported by Gongzhan and Rocky.  You just have to love them.  Always energetic, Alwaysup for the next challenge.  It is VERY hot in ChangSha.  It is considered one of the Asian "hot pots" according to Gongzhan.  Some of the unusual foods we were offered here included, braised snake, duck tounges, lychee soda and several types of Jerky.

Today we will visit ChangSha no. 1.  So here we go.  We are ready for meeting more special kiddos. 

These are some of the cute moments from the past several days.