Goodbye Shanghai, until next time!

We have had an amzing two days at Shanghai Children's Home, filled with laughter and tears. These kids are amazing, full of potential and special spirit. We could tell that everyone in the orphanage, from the director to the caregivers and even one of the children really enjoyed and appreciated Erin Martin's video of Shanghai kids before and after adoption. While watching the video, people were talking, smiling, and yelling out the Chinese names of kids they remembered.

Darla getting down to eye-level with the kids
After sharing the video, we then began focusing on spending time meeting a new group of children who are designated to Gladney Center and are waiting to be adopted by their forever families. We also did a lot of baby hugging and played with the older kids. 

By the way, we hope you can spread the word about these wonderful kids! We head off to JiangXi Province tomorrow at 5am!