Greetings from JiangXi province

We are in the JiangXi province and today gives new meaning to exhaustion.  We left our hotel in Shanghai at  5:45 am. We flew to the JiangXi province.  We were met by provincial officials boarded a van and drove two hours from the capital city to our first stop.  We evaluated six children there.  This is a SWI we have been to before so we knew the setup and the people.   This is the orphanage where one of the director's assistants was an orphan in this institution herself.  She has been working here for quite awhile and has her own family now.  So after we worked with the kiddos, we got back in the van and drove 3.5 hours to our next stop.  It was 8:30 pm by then.  The goal for today is to see 13 children in this city, then drive three hours to our next destination.  If everything goes as planned, we will see 50 children here before we move onto Hunan province.  We saw almost 30 children in Shanghai.  We are just trying to think of each day not total numbers as its too overwhelming.  All these kiddos need forever families.

In the early morning, I am reflecting on three of the children we met today.  One was a little cutie who came in with a cleft lip palette.  His foster mom brought him in and she was so sweet. She had been the foster mom to another child we met today.  When the other boy cried, she ran over with her current foster child and held them both on her lap. She really has a mothers heart.  There was another boy who has Spina Bifida.  He could do much more than we expected and he gets around by crawling.  We heard one of the other children speaking to the director.  The translation was, "hello, director mommy".  We came here last year so we know the director and the staff.  This is the SWI where one of the directors assistants was an orphan in this orphanage growing up.

The electronics have been challenging, here.  I could not get on email last night and my phone has just stopped working.  I will try for pictures later.  I am thinking about all the children we have met and all the children we are going to meet who need to find their forever families.  I am holding them in my heart until they do.  Hope you will too.