We arrive with gifts and wishes!

Greetings from Shanghai Chin! Chelsea and I survived the 15 hour flight by watching plenty of movies, sleeping, walking, stretching and of course, drinking lots of water. We were met at the airport by our contact at the Shanghai Children’s Home and chatted the whole way to the hotel. We are now trying to get acclimated. A shower, a walk and a bowl of noodles for dinner have all helped.  

We are looking at all the things we have brought for the children, which include balloons, sensory brushes, developmental toys, balls, bubbles, crayons and paper, profile sheets, and a scroll made by children in a Families with Children from China group. We also have a collection of wishes that children who were adopted wrote for the kids who are still waiting...kind of like an adoption fortune cookie. A quilt (almost 5 x 8 feet!) of pictures that children who were already adopted made to remember the kiddos that still wait. We will present this quilt to the CCCWA to let them know that we appreciate their work, but also to remember all those kids that still wait. Now I know why my suitcase was overweight!

The one thing we cannot bring these kids is the joy of having a forever family. But, we may help some parents get to know these children a little better and hopefully fall in love with them. 

Before I get some rest tonight, I want to leave you with a few wishes written for waiting children by children who already got their dream.

"I wish everyone has a family "

Her sister, also a China adoptee, wrote,

"I wish for people adopting kids"

I agree. Those are my wishes tonight too. Let’s all dream about that.