Sometimes words fail to express the emotions associated with the day.  I want to share so many stories that this post would be three pages long.  I met a beautiful girl today who was deaf.  She made sounds for pleasure but could not say any words.  She was so happy, and sweet.  She is learning some sign language.  Unfortunately she was in an accident and is missing the fingers on one hand.  that will make it difficult for her to complete a lot of signs in the traditional manner.

I am meeting with a variety of younger and older kiddos.  Severe medical needs and small medical needs.  Many that are a puzzle.  I also met an older boy who was super skinny and could not use his legs.  All the other children were not so skinny so eventually we were able to deduce he has a disorder that causes muscles to shrink.  He was so smart and wrote his name in characters for us. I just adore him.  We made him promise to eat everything offered and try to move his arms around more.  Gongzhan showed him exercises with a water bottle.  Yes, thats correct, Gongzhan!  I guess he was listening all these trips.

I have hope that every boy and girl will find that forever family to love them.  A home, brothers, sisters and a bright clear future.  That is what we mean at Gladney by Guang Ming.  The bright clear future each child is entitled and so richly deserves.  Guang Ming kiddos!