Itineraries Received!

Everyone on the Superkids team received the trip itinerary last night.  Final preparations are taking place.  Erin has collected a special slide show of before and after pictures from parents who have adopted from Shanghai Children's Home.  Developmental toys are arriving daily to my house.  There is just excitement in the air.

All for the children.  We may screen as many as 80 children.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if all 80 found their forever families?  We plan to reach out and help many more.  We are reminded that the greatest gift for a child is a loving home.  A Mom, Dad and loving family.  Our greatest hope is that all the children we meet find their forever families.  For those who don't, we love them, hold them and play with them.  They are in our hearts. 

So get ready kiddos, here we come!  Everyone, please step forward, make a difference, spread the word.  There are beautiful amazing children just waiting for their forever family to find them.