Only three more night’s sleep at home

Who could believe our trip would be here so fast?  Three more nights and we will leave for China.  Wow!  I can close my eyes and picture myself there.  This weekend, we all focused on final preparations including packing our suitcases.  Mine contains 80 profile sheets that will be filled with information about waiting children.

These children will be beautiful, unique and all waiting for their forever families.  Some will be girls, but many will be boys.  A large percentage of the shared list is boys.  This year, Superkids is going to highlight many beautiful children.  We are also going to highlight the problem that being a boy is a special need, in China it makes you less likely to be adopted.  The sad fact is, the girls on the list are picked first and the boys remain on the list for a long time.  So, I would like to share this goal with you all: we want every child to find a Mom, Dad and family to love them forever!  Boys, girls, older, younger, large special needs or small ones.  They all need families.

You can participate in this trip by advocating for these beautiful children.  Share information about these kiddos; put the link to our Superkids blog on your blog, or Facebook page.  Talk about waiting children.  Join us in our journey and our goal of forever families for all the children!