Griffin {Under Consideration}

It is time for some baby love! Just look at this cute little fellow!

Griffin is 15 months old and is described as very clever. He likes watching everything that is going on around him and when it is meal time he wants to be fed first. If he isn't he cries and will not stop until he is fed. (How is that for standing up for your own needs at a very young age!?)

Griffin has several diagnoses. He has CHD (PDA), postoperative cleft lip, and postoperative right brachial plexus injury. He is developing well and can sit by himself. He can crawl with some assistance. He holds his own bottle and grabs toys to play with them.

He recognizes his name when it is called and he likes to cuddle with familiar people. When he is being held he likes to hold tightly to the clothes of his caregiver. (awwww. A cuddlebug!) I hope he will give me a few snuggles when the Superkids team is in China in a two weeks. We should be able to get more information and pictures too. Everyone be expecting some more Griffin cuteness coming up!

This darling baby needs a family to care for him and to give him all the cuddles he wants! Could Griffin be your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Griffin.