It's Your Turn, Andy!

When we were in China we got to tell Andy the fabulous news that he has a family! (If you are not familiar with his story you can read about it here, here, and here.) It has been a story with a lot of twists and turns, and even though Andy did not know about any of the things leading up to this moment, we did, so it made it even more special to be able to tell him that he will have a family.

Giving him the gift sent by his family. Gongzhan  is explaining everything to him.

And his reaction was the best! He just couldn't quit smiling! Even after we were not talking with him anymore and he was just by himself in the room he had this huge smile on his face. It wasn't there when he came into the room, but it sure was by the time he left!

Here is what he thought about it!

Posing with his family's photo

A gift from Chelsea. She remembered that he loves Ultraman.

This boy has captured so many hearts! He is so deserving of a loving family! It's your turn now, Andy! We wish you every happiness!