#SKSept15 Underway...


Here is the official introduction from Gladney's website for Gongzhan Wu:

"I have been with the Gladney Center for Adoption since 1994. Before I joined Gladney, I was working for ESPN Sports Network as its Director of Mandarin Language Service. I did my undergraduate in the Shanghai International Studies University, formally known as Shanghai Foreign Language Institute before I came to U.S. in 1987. With a Fulbright scholarship, I attended Columbia University and obtained a Master of Philosophy in Political Science in 1989. In the past twenty years, I am responsible for Gladney's New York Office and running the Asia adoption programs."

Having traveled to Asia with Gongzhan several times, I am going to take the liberty to add a bit to that paragraph. He is a warm and caring man. He has the ability to maintain partnerships with orphanages and has also been known to kick a soccer ball around with a bunch of 3 and 4-year-olds..."training them for an Olympic team." 

We fondly call him our fearless guide. I'm not sure some of us will ever forget him for deciding to enhance the swinging of a very long swinging bridge we were on! 

Today Gongzhan leaves for China. He is traveling a few days before the rest of the team so that he can speak at a conference on inter-country adoption. 

So, SKSept15 is officially underway. The rest of us are right behind him!