Helmets and Legos - another great day

Our day started out with an awesome experience this morning. We had identified a little girl here in Yichun as a child who would benefit from a helmet when we were here in April. Keely used the measurements she took then to get a helmet for her. Immediately upon our arrival here little Courtney walked in. Keely told us to just let her play with the helmet so that it wouldn't scare her when she tried to put it on her. But Courtney had other plans. She wanted that helmet on her head! She was so excited and happy to wear it.

She smiled and giggled and even decorated it with stickers. She continued to wear it proudly throughout the morning. Later we saw her in the hallway still proudly sporting that cute pink helmet!


It was a good day today. A little less intense than the previous days have been. We drove to Jian after seeing the children in Yichun. We are glad to have an opportunity to relax a little and get to bed a little earlier tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to do a picture post that documents our day, so stay tuned for a ton of pictures tomorrow.