Ready, Set...

We are ready. The bags are bulging with everything from lollipops and crayons to catheters and vitamins.

The visas are back from the Consulate. Our VPN's are downloaded.  Last minute purchases and gifts are bought and packed.

Most of the items in our bulging bags come from many of you. Thank you for being a part of this trip! Thank you for caring about the kids.

We will be updating the blog daily (internet and VPN permitting). We will also be posting on our Facebook page and on Twitter. We will be posting videos of our adventures to Periscope. For anyone not familiar with Periscope, you can download the free Periscope app to your apple or android device and search for Superkids. Follow us and you will get a notification when we are live streaming videos! The videos will be available for 24 hours after we stream them, so you can still watch them even if you are sleeping while we are streaming! Since we now have a portable wifi device we travel with I'm hoping to be able to live stream from orphanages, trains, and everywhere else we find ourselves! If you watch while we are live streaming you can even ask question or make comments which we can see and answer immediately.

We are ready! Are you?