Day One - Shanghai

We have only been in China for about 24 hours and we are already in our second city. Talk about hitting the ground running! If today reminded us of anything it’s that all the planes, trains, and automobiles are worth every precious in-between moment we get to spend with these children.

We spent a wonderful first day at the Shanghai children’s home and met and revisited some remarkable children. It was particularly fun to see some of the children we’ve recently been advocating for. In the morning we got to see Gayly, and in the afternoon we saw Rowan.

It’s always such a special experience to see in-person the children we have been advocating for from so far away. Gayly has such a great personality. She laughed easily and loved to play. She especially loved playing in the ball pit with Erin—yes, ball pit!

This play room is essentially a small-sized gymnasium of fun; equipped with padded floors, a slide, a
trampoline, and a very popular ball pit. Rowan took full advantage of the padded floors—at one point doing somersaults off the top of the slide onto the floor. There’s no doubt about it, Rowan is all boy.

We are excited to see more incredible children in Changsha.... in just a few hours!