When in China...

It's so fun for us to know that people are following our travels back home. Our days are often hard and long but we get the chance to experience such wonderful things while we're here. 
With more bags than people, transportation is always quite the production.
And we are usually traveling to our next orphanage.... or our next meal...
The food is so fresh...Like REALLY fresh...
Sometimes they even prepare the food right in front of you.
But the best is watching dumplings being hand rolled... it's seriously an art form. 
We walk a lot of stairs...
And even get to do some exploring.

Yes, those are neon lights in the cave we explored
We see breathtaking scenery in the countryside
And love to people watch in the cities
They like to watch us too 
When in China, we see such marvelous things, but nothing is as awe-inspiring as the children we meet in the orphanages we visit-- beautiful, curious children who need families. We are here so that these children will be given the room to grow and dream and have adventures of their own.