Sometimes Our Best Laid Plans...

Sometimes our best laid plans... come to naught and the best thing we can do is accept it and move on.

We certainly did not plan for the Dujuan Typhoon to hit Taipei while we are here! We received the news this morning that the government had closed schools and government jobs for the day, so that meant we would not be allowed to see children. The weather was not yet too bad, so we went to a few local places and then got beef noodles for lunch. They were so good!

In the Howard Plaza Hotel

The American Embassy

Mr. Yeh
We stopped by Carrefore on the way back to the hotel and got some water, fruit, and snacks. We are well stocked with food!

Gongzhan and Mr. Yeh


The rain and wind have increased throughout the afternoon and it is supposed to continue to increase for the next few hours. We are dry and safe inside the hotel, watching from our 12th story windows. It is pretty amazing, really.

We would much rather be seeing kids than experiencing a typhoon today, but we doing just fine here in Taiwan!

We are hoping to still be able to meet with the orphanage officials tomorrow afternoon. And Mary will be here until Wednesday evening, so we are just waiting to see how much we can do this time in Taiwan.