Can't Say Enough Good Things About Gongzhan

Gongzhan Wu is VP and managing director of the Asia Program.  He is truly an amazing man.  I want everyone to know that what I (we, Superkids )do for the children would not be possible without him.  He is an amazing individual.  I often tell him he should write a book.  His accomplishments are not important in this post but what he does for the children is.  Behind the scenes, he works with CCCWA, the Chinese government, provincial officials and orphanage leaders and directors.  Without his contacts we would not be able to get to the places we have been, or help the kids in the way we do.  I ask him to try to support the rehab staff to work more with the orphans, it happens.  I as for time to provide medical screening for children who are not with Gladney, it happens.  I have a baby that needs something special, it happens.  I tell orphanage staff that I will be skyping with Mr. Wu and they sit up and listen with more openness.  That is just the administrative side. 
He loves the children and will fight to get what is right for any child.  He is also the pied piper for the little ones.  90 % of the pictures you will see from this trip are taken by him.  He is playing soccer with the boys - asking the hard questions, how do you feel about being adopted?  Often at these moments i see him place his hand on their arm, an arm around their shoulders etc.  Creating a connection with them so they feel more comfortable.  This connection with children is not only concern for children in the orphanage.  Yesterday at the airport, a three year old came over and sat down next to him.  Started up a conversation.  This happens everywhere, even with the older kids. 
I have developed a great relationship with Gongzhan.  I treat him as the older brother i never had.  Enjoy teasing him and giving him a sass.  I affectionately call any trip to Asia, Gongzhan boot camp.  
All kidding aside, I am privileged to work with him,but the luckiest ones are the kids because he is in their corner and has their back.   
a little catching up
Remember the assistant director at one of the orphanages i told you about. Well Gongzhan and i worked on the photos this AM. here is her photo so you can all share in how i felt when meeting her. Here we are together and here she is working.

Today we met Nanchung Mary after breakfast. She took us to the Pavillion in Nanchung on our way to the airport. We took the elevator to the top and walked down. We also saw a performance that included dancing, singing and bell ringing. The pavillion is a lesson to us all as it has been destroyed and rebuilt something like 29 times. Maybe symbolic as these children we advocate for have to rebuild their lives. As the Pavillion got newer, It got bigger and more grand. As our children get older, life gets more complex and the scope gets bigger. I loved the pavillion today and i love Nanchung. I will send a pic or two.Last but not least. Here are Gongzhan and I again in another airport.
Now off to Beijing.