The Great Wall

I am getting ready for this trip to China. Doing outreach to families, conferencing daily with Gongzhan, April and Janet, making personal preparations( clothes, phone, etc.) thinking about what I really do in China.  Gongzhan and I were speaking the other day and we were reviewing all my trips to China.  This will be my 6 th trip.  I have been in five provinces and seven cities.  I have hundreds of pictures and am often asked to show my pictures of China.  I do this and sometimes people are surprised.  Almost all my pictures are of the inside of orphanages.

My cousin asked me to come by his office to see my pictures. I showed him and he said, very nice but all your pictures are of orphanages, children.  Are there any adults in China?  Did you see anything else?  Not so much.  What about the Great wall???  I've seen a Great wall.  A Great wall of children. Tall, short, smiling, crying, laughing, It breaks my heart.  Some will find families, some won't.  So many children.  How can we make a difference.  Have you heard the starfish story?  A grandma and grandson are walking a beach littered with starfish. Grandma leans down and picks one up throws it back into the water and the grandson says, grandma, look at all these starfish.  what difference will it make throwing one starfish back?  How does it matter?    Grandma says, it matters to the starfish.

We can all make a difference to a child.  Raise awareness, advocate, talk about waiting children let people know they are out there.  As long as we do this, they are not alone and forgotten.  Every child that finds a family is one less starfish stranded on the beach. I like my beach free of starfish baking in the sun.  I like all the starfish swimming happily in the ocean and all children with forever families.


I am still fundraising for this trip so if you can help, visit my trip page on the link below.  My goal is $3000 more for this trip.  See more why we need the funds in upcoming blogs but briefly, travel to china is expensive, we try to make the most of each trip and move between at least three cities.  We also bring supplies, toys, sensory cushions, and books to orphanage rehab staff who are forever grateful.  Here is the link.   Follow the link and contribute under my name.